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Visa extension options once you complete your studies

International students after completion of their degree have various options for their future. Either they can return to their home country or they can decide to reside in Australia. The decision of further stay in Australia would lead for the visa extension process. The possibilities that are available to international students after completion of their degree is discussed in this article:

Further Studies Option

Many international students choose to stay in Australia to complete their further studies for gaining higher qualification. They choose to go with postgraduates if they have completed their undergraduates or to higher degree by research or PhD if they have completed their postgraduates. This option helps them in gaining more experience and qualification in relevant field which would assist them in gaining employment in future. Applicants need to choose a course and institution and then apply for student visa (subclass 500).

Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485)

Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485 allows international students to remain in Australia up to 18 months after completion of their degree. This period helps them to gain work experience, improve English language skills or explore Australia. Many international students look if they have completed their Australian bachelor, masters or doctoral degree looks this period to gain practical work experience.

Employment options

If a prospective employer sponsors an applicant, they are eligible to apply for employer sponsored visa (457 work visa). This provision allows you to live and work in Australia if you work for that employer.

Professional Work Experience

Graduates from engineering, accounting and information technology fields can look for professional year program which is a 44 weeks program designed to help individuals to develop the industry specific skills through study and work experience. Professional Year Program not only helps individual to have hands on experience in relevant field, it also provides them will 5 extra points for their PR application.

Working Holiday Visa

People generally aged between 18 and 30 from approved countries can apply for Working Holiday Visa or Work and Holiday Visa which allows them to work and travel in Australia up to 12 months.

Skilled Workers/ Permanent Residency

International students who look for residing in Australia for a longer duration can look for the pathway of Permanent Residency. Applicants can express their interest for permanent residency through the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s SkillSelect Migration Program, which could lead to Permanent Residency through Skilled Independent Visa Employee Nomination Scheme or the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme.

Travel/Tourist visa

International students who have completed their studies and wish to stay just for few months more in Australia to attend graduation ceremony can generally apply for tourist visa from onshore. This allows them to have extension in their visa to travel and explore Australia.

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