Study in Australia

Dear Students,

It is obvious that there are a lot of questions that comes in your mind regarding studying in Australia. Don’t worry, we have all the answers to your questions. Maximus will provide you all the information that you require including the special promotion course fees that are available.

What is the average tuition fee for undergraduate to post graduate courses in Australia?

Students who are planning to start their undergraduate or post graduate level degree program in Australia can find the average tuition fee information here.

Students for bachelors program in Australia will have to pay around AU$15,000 to AU$33,000. Students who are willing to start their Master level degree program will have to pay AU$20,000 to $37,000 and for doctoral or research level degree have to pay around AU$14,000 to $37,000.

The tuition fee of diverse degree program will vary depending on the course, if the student wants to join engineering, medical and different courses will have to pay higher than average fee. But sometimes special promotion fees are also available in some courses which reduces the tuition fees of students. Still, they must have extra money in their bank accounts to get a degree in Australia.

Will it be allowed to work while I am studying in Australia?

Students are allowed to work during their studies period in Australia, here are some of the best possible options for students. Working with studies is a very helpful way to support your education and living cost as an international student.

Mostly international students prefer working because that helps in managing the cost of living and gain maximum experience of the working area and will help them get right job. Many student visas allows the student to work 40 hour of job per fortnight which means every 2 weeks. But the student should have the permission first from the authorities to do any kind of job in Australia.

Where and what kind of accommodation are in Australia for international student?

Accommodation policy in Australia is quite different as compared to any other country for the international students. The universities in Australia offers no or limited facilities of accommodations for students. There are hostels, home-stay programs and even rental properties in which the students can reside and enjoy home away from home.

How much money will I need during my Masters level studies in Australia?

The average fee that an international student has to bear is AUD $11,000 to $36,000 annually for the Masters level degree. This is the fees of Masters Course other than medical and engineering as the fee varies if you are going for medical or engineering program.

An international student will have to pay around AUD $360 per week living cost in Australia. The cost of living depends on the lifestyle the student follows and the money he/she can spend. The location and many other factors also affects the cost of expenditure per week.

Applying for Student Visa

These are general guidelines for every international students who want to apply for student visa. This procedure is based on the assessment level of the candidates, but we give you general guidelines.

Step 1: Application submission to the school of interest along with the student’s academic documents.

Step 2: Issue of Letter of Acceptance from the institute where student applied for.

Step 3: Student must clear the payment (either an yearly or semester which varies upon different colleges and universities) of the course which they have applied for and their Overseas Student Health Cover charges (OSHC).

Step 4: Obtain electronic Confirmation of Enrollment and payment receipt.

Step 5: Complete student visa application and lodge the application online from immiAccount provided by Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

Step 6: All the documents including complete visa application form and eCOE along with other supporting documents must be submitted as required.

Step 7: Now the student has to wait for the visa application to get decided from Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

Step 8: If approved, Immigration will issue a grant letter and the details can also be checked online at Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) page provided by Department of Immigration and Border Protection, Australia.