What is OSHC?

Health cover is a very essential thing every person applying for Australian temporary visa should purchase. OSHC, an abbreviation of Overseas Student Health Cover is an insurance policy to assist international students with their need of medicals and hospital care while they are in Australia. Every international student coming for study in Australia should compulsorily maintain their OSHC from the day they enter Australia throughout their entire visa period. The person who must do an OSHC cover includes any international student pursuing their studies in Australia and their dependents (spouse and children under 18 years old). OSHC not only covers the cost of medical and hospital care to students, it also pays for the most prescription drugs and ambulance service while they are in Australia. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection strictly ensures that every international student travelling for study in Australia have their valid OSHC cover along with their dependents. The OSHC cover includes the coverage of specialist services and medical emergencies of an application, however the applicant must pay for certain treatments as per the norms of different health coverage providers. However, students from Belgian, Norwegian and some Swedish students are not required to go through the purchase of OSHC cover as part of their visa requirements.

Maximus Education & Migration has a good tie up with various overseas health cover providers to assist international students in purchasing the health cover while they come for study in Australia. This health cover will assist students during their any medical emergencies. The duration of health cover varies on accordance to the type of course student is taking. Maximus Education & Migration also assists students in renewing their health cover if it expires and they need to renew it.

Any international student for study in Australia with no valid OSHC might result in cancellation of their student visa.

There are further different health covers for other visa services:

  • OSHC for student overseas health cover which is suitable for all the international students at Australia in student visa.
  • Compliant Overseas Visitor Health Cover which is suitable for Visa 457 and 485 which states to be granted 457 visa, an applicant must make adequate arrangement of health insurance for both themselves and their family members and as a part of visa 485, Temporary Graduate Visa, student must switch their OSHC to Overseas Visitor Health Cover before their OSHC expires.
  • Short Stay Visitors Cover for visa 417, 462, 476, 600, 601, etc for working holiday and non-working visas.

Maximus Education & Migration assists in providing the best health cover in the most reasonable cost through the tie up with various health cover providers to the applicant.

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