Extend your stay
in Australia

Important information for visitor visa holders!

Living and working in Australia is one of the beautiful dream many people carve. Australia at current can be quoted as a land of opportunities for immigrants. Beside studies and work, many people visit Australia to explore its beauty and enjoy holidays and eventually get attracted to extend their stay in Australia. This article is aimed to impart information to the people holding visitor visa and intending to extend their stay in Australia.

Studying in Australia is getting most popular these days from the viewpoint of international students. The world ranked universities, quality education, and wide job opportunities are some of the reasons of increase in number of student visa in Australia every year. Beside these, people holding visitor visa and intending to extend their stay can also consider about studying in Australia. Student visa of Australia not only help people in visitor visa to extend their stay in Australia; it further has wider options and opportunities:

  • Learn, Earn and Explore Australia

Student visa (Subclass 500) provide students with the right to work legally in Australia besides their studies. It has a provision for international students to work 40 hours per fortnight while their semester is in progress and provision of working unlimited when they have term break. The working rights help international students to get used to with Australian workplaces and earn money to support their living and studies to some extent.

  •  Long or short term stay

People in visitor visa can decide to choose the course as per their intention to extend the stay. People with choice of staying for a longer time can go for higher studies while intention of shorter stay can go with English, Certificate or Diploma courses.

  • Provision of bringing their partners

The student visa of Australia has a provision that an applicant can bring their spouse/partner with them to stay in Australia if they are granted the visa. Further the dependents also can work legally in Australia besides their stay.

  • Opportunity to gain an international degree

Studying in Australia offer international students to gain a degree widely accepted besides enhancing their knowledge in the relevant field. The degree in chosen field can be beneficial for the students to find a job in future.

  • Enhance your English skills

The stay in Australia and studying in Australia undoubtedly helps people to enhance their English skills. The stay in English speaking country and dealing with people around helps them to improve their English language. Further different courses available in English makes them more familiar with the global language used world widely throughout the world.

  • Know about Australian culture, society and people around

Australia is a home of wide cultures and various people from different parts of the world. Besides, Australia enjoys and arranges different feats, festivals, sports and events which people in student visa can enjoy during their stay. Further they can also travel to different parts of Australia and enjoy the beauty, flora and fauna of Australia.

  • Help them to gain extra points for permanent stay

Studying in Australia besides shorter benefits has some beneficial things in longer aspects too. Staying at Australia and studying here can help people looking to permanently settle down in Australia in different ways. Completion of education from Australia, staying in Australia and good English proficiency helps international immigrants to gain extra points for their Permanent Residency applications which strengthens their chances of getting PR.

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