Study in Tasmania

Study in Tasmania!

Tasmania is one of the most modern, vibrant and unique location in Australia promoting education sector in rapid progress. In half a decade or less it has become one of the most amazing, and attractive destination for international students intending to study in Australia. The peaceful and hustle free environment, natural habitat, and wide potential opportunities for growth in future are few reasons of study in Tasmania getting popular among international students. Whether its university, TAFE, English language or high school, Tasmania has renowned educational hubs to impart quality education. Tasmania offers a different kind of educational choice, with study and lifestyle options that provide a unique Australian experience.

Some of the top reasons for international students to study in Tasmania are elaborated here:

  • Regional city

Tasmania is one of the regional city in Australia. It is one of the most safe and friendly place in Australia. The peaceful environment, pollution free surroundings and uncrowded structure makes it more reasonable for international students to choose to study in Tasmania. Further studying in regional area has one more benefit to international students if they intend for settlement in Australia. Applicants who have studied in regional Australia for two years receive extra points for their PR application.

  • Natural paradise

Tasmania is one of the most beautiful place in Australia which is often termed as a natural paradise. Beautiful beaches, lovely mountains and shimmering lakes have added a glory in Tasmania. Your decision to study in Tasmania would add up a mesmerizing experience within you to enjoy the flora and fauna of Tasmania and its beautiful landscapes.

  • Easy transportation from city hubs

Tasmania is not very far from the cities like Sydney and Melbourne with easy and accessible transportation. It is just 50 minutes from Melbourne and 1.5 hours by Sydney by flight. Four airlines frequently carry passengers to Tasmania with 10 flights everyday making the life of international students studying in Tasmania easier.

  • Ranked universities and wide ranges of courses

From high school, university, TAFE to English language, you can find any courses you choose to study in Tasmania. Tasmania has ranked university, colleges and institutions providing quality education for carving brighter future of students.

  • Wide opportunity for PR application if international students wish for settlement in Australia

If you have graduated from a tertiary institution in Tasmania after studying in at the state for a minimum of one academic year (40 weeks at CRICOS registered institution) you can apply for a state sponsored visa.

The key advantages to students graduating from Tasmanian institutions have the following advantages:

  • Applicants may select an occupation from the Tasmanian Skilled Occupation List (TSOL) and the occupation listed in Migration Instrument 20117.
  • There are no quotas for occupation
  • Nominees do not have to wait for an invitation to apply trough DIBP, they can apply as soon as their EOI is submitted by State Growth Staff in SkillSelect.
  • Applicants get priority processing at the Department of State Growth and at the DIBP, speeding up the time it takes to be issued a visa.
  • Tasmanian Government nomination provides extra points in the DIBP points test. (nomination provides 5 points for the 190 and 10 points for the 489).

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