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The information you provide to Maximus Education will remain private and confidential under the requirements of the Privacy Act 1988. Your personal details will be used for the purpose of processing your enrolment and facilitating the training and assessment services requested by you. Your personal information will not be released unless required by law or approval is provided by you. Your information will never be sold to a third party. Your information may be provided to a third party who has entered into a legally binding agreement with Maximus Education to provide services to either you or Maximus Education and who agrees to keep your personally information confidential except as required by law. Your personal information will be collected and used for the purpose of collection of data for statistical information under the requirements of the Data Provision Requirements 2012 and in line with current AVETMISS requirements however, this information is reported in a manner that does not identify you.

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To offer good quality education provider, Maximus Education will endeavor to provide you with support where possible. In the event Maximus Education does not have the capacity to cater for your needs Maximus Education will recommend you to either an external support service, or another provider. Any costs associated with a third party are incurred by you, and not Maximus Education.

Please note below, any support services you require and note any issues that me limit your participation and completion of the course.

I, have read, understand and agree to the following:

a) I will follow all Information and Rules and Regulations as outlined on this form as well as all Policies and Procedures of Maximus Education.

b) I will follow the instructions of my Trainers and Assessors as well as other staff and contractors engaged by Maximus Education.

c) I release and hold harmless Maximus Education, its Directors, staff and agents in respect of any property loss or personal injury that I may sustain whilst participating in my course. I declare truly and solemnly that’s the information provided on this Student information details are true and correct.

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“You are very helpful and efficient. They helped me a lot and they are very professional. Good service and good quality. ”

Juan King
Juan KingApplied for professional year

“Thank you for working on my visa over the last couple of months and for quick response when needed. I really appreciate your professional work ”

Max Jenny
Max JennyStudent


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