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Introduction to Course

Accountancy courses always make their way in skilled occupation list in Australia. The requirement of management accountants, taxation accountants and general accountants in Australian industries make it one of the most popular course in Australia among international students. Corporate Treasurer and External Auditor are some of the roles that accountancy students pursue on after their graduation. The course is often accredited by CPA.

Courses Available

course name Application Link
Certificate IV in Accounting Apply
Diploma of Accounting  Apply
Advance Diploma of Accounting Apply
Associate Degree of Accounting  Apply
Bachelor of Accounting  Apply
Graduate Certificate in Accounting  Apply
Graduate Diploma in Accounting  Apply
Master of Professional Accounting  Apply

Professional Year in Accounting

To enhance the students theoretical knowledge into practical aspect, many students go for Professional Year Program in Accounting every year. They can have 485 Graduate visa for pursuing Professional Year.

Professional Year in Accounting or The Skilled Migration Internship Program: Accounting (SMIPA) is a 44 weeks program with 12 weeks of program industry placement. After completion of Professional Year applicants are awarded 5 points for their Permanent Residency application.

Find more information about Professional Year Program in Accounting here.

Eligibility for Visa Application

  • Must have a valid passport
  • Must have English Proficiency Test taken.
  • Offer letter and COE from respective college/university
  • Evidence of OSHC
  • Evidence of sufficient finance.
  • Documents ready as required by Immigration and Border Protection

Career Outcome

  • Adviser in mergers and acquisitions
  • Financial planner
  • Investment adviser
  • Market analyst
  • Treasury banker
  • tax consultant.

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