Professional Year Point boost up

Need extra point for PR application (189 Skilled Independent Visa)?

Need extra point for PR application (189 Skilled Independent Visa)?

Permanent Residency through 189 Skilled Independent Visa is one of the most favourable choice of any immigrants thinking of settling down in Australia. Every individual has to go through a point test to have sufficient pre requisite fulfilled to lodge an EOI (Expression of Interest) to demonstrate their eligibility for 189 skilled individual visa requirement. But often candidates fail to achieve enough points required for their application which becomes a bottleneck for their dream of achieving Permanent Residency of Australia. At current, the minimum point required for lodging an EOI for Australian PR is 60 points whilst the points varying on accordance of individual’s qualification and skill they choose. In this article we are highlighting few of the methods an individual can choose for easy point boost up:

  1. PTE

PTE is an English test to demonstrate individual’s proficiency in English. The point based system has a very high weightage of English Proficiency where an individual achieving 79 or above in overall and each band minimum of 79 in PTE or equivalent in IELTS or TOEFL are granted important 20 points for their PR application.

  1. Professional Year Program

Professional Year Program is one of the most important thing any graduates from IT, Engineering or Accountancy can consider for boosting up their PR application points. This 44 weeks program not only helps individual to achieve important 5 points for their PR application but also makes them job ready to fit in the current Australian workplace. Some of the PY programs like PY+ even guarantees 100% job offer after completion of the program.


Graduate from Accounting, IT, or Engineering

Hold 485 visa

Successful skills assessment

IELTS 6 each band or PTE Equivalent (Accounting)


NAATI CCL is a best choice for someone who have not been able to reach the required migration points which makes them ineligible for PR application. NAATI CCL is the Credentialed Community Language (CCL) test .It is a testing and assessment service related to migration and other government services.

This NAATI CCL helps you to achieve important 5 points for your PR application.


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