Top reasons for study in Melbourne

Top reasons for Studying in Melbourne


Melbourne is one of the most beautiful city in the world with lots of cultural mixes. It is one of the most livable city in the world and a great student city with lots of world class universities within. Living as a student in Melbourne will leave you with lots of beautiful and memorable experiences. We have tried our best to sum up few of the reasons why you should choose for studying in Melbourne as an international student:

  • It’s a city with lots of cultural mixes

Melbourne is one of the most multicultural city in the world. It is a city with people from all around the world ultimately mixing up with varieties of cultures and traditions. You never feel alone in Melbourne as an international student due to the bunches of people from every corner of the world. Melbourne reflect the varieties of culture it has through museums, music, galleries and other events around the city every week.

  • Education

Melbourne is a city with lots of world class universities and colleges offering wide ranges of courses. Either it be a diploma, vocational or higher studies related courses, you can find academic institutions offering varieties of courses you can join for your brighter career.

  • Sports

Melbourne is a home of  varieties of sports. Australian Rules Football (AFL), the Grand Prix, the Australian Open (Tennis), Soccer, Rugby, Netball, Golf., etc are some of the great events which are held every year in Melbourne. If you are a sporty person, you will enjoy every minute in Melbourne.

  • Weather

The favourable weather condition of Melbourne again makes it turn out to be the best hub for international students. You can enjoy rain, hail, sunshine, thunderstorms and heat waves all within a day at Melbourne. Further, the winter of Melbourne barely gets below 5 degree Celsius, it does not have a snowfall and have a beautiful summer makes it a most favorable place for international students for studying in Melbourne.

  • People

Melbourne has the most cooperative people around. Always laughing, not taking anything too seriously, helpful and easy going are their typical characteristics. This help you to make a way lot friends in Melbourne.

  • Food

If you are person who loves varieties of foods, you will love Melbourne the most. It offers you varieties of foods from all corners of the world with the best coffee. Either it be Asian, Italian, Mexican, Chinese or any other foods, you will find beautiful cafes and restaurants offering best foods throughout Melbourne.

  • Australia’s best student city

In 2017, QS Best Student Cities awarded Melbourne as Australia’s best city and world 5th best student city through indexes as high standard and quality of living, vibrant multicultural society and social inclusion. In 2016 175000 enrolled in different courses in Victoria.

  • World’s most livable city

Melbourne again has ranked as a most livable city in the world for 2017. The rank is determined through various factors like stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure. Hence, it also well demonstrates why Melbourne becomes an ultimate choice for international students.

The above points well demonstrate why international students should choose studying in Melbourne. Beside these, Melbourne also has lots of natural flora and fauna, ancient and cultural sites and beaches which makes the life of international students more entertaining and enjoyable.

If you are also planning for studying in Melbourne, we offer you a variety of choices. Contact Maximus Education and Migration today to get enrolled in Melbourne for your further studies and brighter career.

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