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Australia has become one of the most chosen destinations by international students. Figures from the Federal Education Department show there were 554,179 full-fee paying international students in 2016, an increase of more than 10 per cent on the previous year.Growing interest of international student’s for studying in Australia is accompanied by various reasons. Good job prospects after studies, top ranked universities with quality education and best provision of visa extension after study in Australia are some of the reasons of international students’ interest towards Australia. There are few courses which are most popular among international students with brighter prospect in future. This blog article includes the list of most popular courses for study in Australia:

1. Engineering

Engineering course is growing as one of the most popular course among international student. The high volume of requirement of engineers as listed in Skilled Occupation list has attracted many students pursue engineering course in Australia. Apart from the good job prospect, the course is most popular one from the PR prospect as well. The courses related to engineering are often accredited by Engineers Australia. Professional Year Program in Engineering is available to students after completion of their engineering program to bridge their theoretical knowledge into practical implication.

2. ICT

With the growth of research works in technology and the era transforming into a digital age, students studying Information Communication and Technology is also increasing in Australia. The students much interested towards these courses are usually international students. The flexibility of applying for 457 work visa, and wide chances of getting 189 skilled independent visa (Permanent Residency) are few factors of students attracted towards courses related to ICT in Australia. The course is often accredited by Australian Computer Society (ACS). Students can pursue Professional Year Program in IT after completion of their graduate to gain industrial exposure in IT.

3. Nursing

It is one of the most chosen program by international students for studying in Australia. Skilled Occupation list in Australia has nursing program with huge demand of graduates. Health care and associated services are highly regarded in Australia. In fact, the Australian infrastructure and health care industry are termed as best-in-class in the world. The Australian colleges and universities providing nursing courses have well-rounded course structures and teaching staffs to prepare the nursing personnel for health care industry. Registered nurses always have a huge demand every year in Australia. It is one of the easy PR pathway course therefore chosen by international students.

4. Commercial Cookery courses

Hospitality and commercial cookery courses are always famous among international students in Australia. It was one of most widely accepted course for 457 visa before. As the tourism industry of Australia is always booming, the courses in Hospitality management and cookery are always in a bright side for students in terms of future prospects. The students can have the following posts after their graduation: Accommodation & Hospitality Manager, Chef, Baker, Licensed Club Manager, Bed & Breakfast Operator, Café or Restaurant Manager, Motel or Hotel Manager, Caravan Park and Camping Manager and much more.

5. Accountancy

Accountancy courses always make their way in skilled occupation list in Australia. The requirement of management accountants, taxation accountants and general accountants in Australian industries make it one of the most popular course in Australia among international students. Corporate Treasurer and External Auditor are some of the roles that accountancy students pursue on after their graduation. The course is often accredited by CPA.

Further to enhance the students theoretical knowledge into practical aspect, many students go for Professional Year Program in Accounting every year. They can have 485 Graduate visa for pursuing Professional Year.

6. Social Work

Courses in social work is one of the most emerging and widely pursued course by international students in Australia. The courses has its graduates list in Skilled Occupation List. The courses student often look for are Psychology, Psychiatry, Health and Welfare Services, Community Service, etc.The courses are accredited by Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW).

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