Aussie slang

Some of the widely used Australian words and phrases are listed here !!

Australian Slang

Australian slang, also known as ‘Strine’ is widely used by Australian people. These are common words and phrases that have become iconic to Australians. The knowledge of Aussie slang would help international students studying in Australia in various way. It would make the stay of international students easier by helping them understand the people around. Aussie people tend to speak quite quickly and have different way of pronouncing words.

Some of the commonly used words and phrases in Australia are listed here:

Phrase/term Meaning
Ace great, excellent
Ankle-biter child
Amber fluid Beer
Aussie Australian
Arvo afternoon
Barbie barbeque
Beaut, beauty great, fantastic
Big Mobs loads, a lot of
Bloody very
Bloody oath that’s certainly true
Blue argument/mistake
Bodgy poor quality
Bonzer great, ripper
Bottler something excellent
Barrack support (a sports team)
Bathers (also swimmers, cozzies) garment you swim in
Bogan uncool person
Bottle-o bottle shop (liquor store)
Bloke male
Bludger lazy person
Buggered tired, broken
Call it a day finish what you are doing
Dodgy not quite right, suspicious
Dunny toilet
Dead dingo’s donger (as dry as a ) dry
Deadset true/the truth
Dingo’s breakfast no breakfast
Dinkum/fair dinkum true, real, geniune
Dinky-di the real thing/ geniune
Docket a bill, receipt
Doco Documentary
Drink with the flies to drink alone
Dunny rat (cunning as a) very cunning
Exy expensive
Fair dinkum true, genuine
Fair suck of the sav exclamation of wonder, awe, disbelief
Furphy rumour
Fair go give someone an equal chance
Give someone a bell call someone on the phone
Good on ya good for you (can be sarcastic)
G’Day hello!
Give it a burl try it, have a go
Give it away give up
Going off good fun
Good oil useful information, a good idea, the truth
Grouse great, terrific
Have a blue have a fight
Hot under the collar get angry
Idiot box television
Jumper sweater
Knock something to criticise something
Kangaroos loose in the top paddock Intellectually inadequate
Knock back refuse
Lamingtons sponge cakes coated in chocolate and grated coconut
Larrakin a prankster, someone who likes to have a laugh
Little Aussie battler someone bravely overcoming hardship
Maccas McDonalds
Mate term of friendship
Mucking around playing games, being foolish
No worries no problem, reassurance
Piece of piss Easy task
Pig’s arse I don’t agree
Plate, bring a Instruction to bring a plate of food to a party
Pozzy position
Quid, make a earn a living
Ridgy-didge original, geniune
Reckon to agree, an opinion
Rip off to cheat
Rug up dress warmly
Servo service station
She’ll be right it’ll be fine, reassurance
Shout to pay for the next round of drinks
Show you the ropes show you how things work
Slack lazy
Slab pack of 24 cans of beer
Spewin’ not happy
Spud a potato
Spunk a good looking person of either sex
Sucked in to be conned or tricked into something
Sunnies sunglasses
She’ll be apples It’ll be all right
Sparrows fart dawn
Strewth exclamation
Stoked very pleased
Stuffed, I’ll be expression of surprise
Ta thank you
Take a sickie have a day off work
Tea the evening meal (dinner) , or a cup of tea
Thongs cheap rubber backless sandals
Trackie daks tracksuit pants
True blue genuinely Australian
Too right definitely
Turps, hit the go on a drinking binge
Uni university
Up yourself have a high opinion of yourself
Vegemite spread for toast or bread, savoury in flavour
Veggies vegetables
Veggo a vegetarian
Wag skip school, truancy
Whinge complain
Wonky something unstable, unsteady or shaky
Wuss a coward
Yobbo a rowdy/loud/disruptive person
Zack, not worth a Not worth anything
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