Top tips on choosing the right and top migration agent

Moving to a new country for studies, settlement, work or travel is never an easy task. There come many factors to consider before you make a good decision. You need to consider all the risk, challenges or differences that you are going to encounter. Updated information, proper counselling and good guidance play a crucial role for an individual to obtain the goals of pursuing brighter career abroad. Here comes the role of top migration agent.

Internet today has a piled volume of information related to higher education, migration and visa services to Australia. But one cannot totally rely on any information they find on internet and filtering of substantial information from the bulk can be a daunting task. Outdated and mislead information often makes individual to make a wrong decision.

A good migration agent can assist you to make a right decision and provide you with ample of information required for the migration purpose. It could make your application process smooth and increases your chances of visa success.

With over 7000 Migration Agents registered in Australia, it is hard for an individual to identify the best migration agent. An individual must be cautious in choosing the right agent. Many international students and individuals are often a victim of incorrect information, and higher processing fees from a dishonest and ingeniune agents. Therefore, choosing a migration agent that will suit your individual needs is one of the most important decisions you make which increases the chances of successfully obtaining a visa.

The article has few tips gathered on how individuals can find the best migration agent in Australia to help their application process be hassle free:

  • Check the registration of agent

All qualified migration agents in Australia is registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA). It is governing body for the registration of migration agents. OMARA is responsible for monitoring the agent’s integrity of conduct, quality of immigration assistance and handles the complaints. Only the certified migration agent can provide migration consultation, services and assistance.

You can log on to to know more about the OMARA.

  • Do your own research

It is best if individual themselves research about the agent in detail. As abundant amount of information is available in internet today, individuals can cross check and have a background check of the migration agents. They can check the company’s profile in facebook, linkedlin, twitter, google plus and other social networking sites and websites to gather the information.

  • Check online reviews of migration agent

Individual can see the reviews and experience of the people who already took service from the agent. It gives them an overview of how a migration agent is as per the people’s experience.

  • Ask for relevant experience

It is always good to ask migration agents with their relevant experience in the field as more experience in handling visa makes them more knowledgeable and used to with the process involved. It might make the application process smoother and much prepared to deal with complex situations.

  • Get a track of visa success

The good visa success rate with past applications from the agent would advocate their excellence. Hence, it is better to query and see the visa success rate of agents to confirm they are well informed and experienced in application process.

  • Ask for your doubts and have an open communication

If you know what visa you need, its better to ask the agent specifically about that visa to check his expertise in the field.  This helps to get a clear idea about how knowledgeable and experienced the migration agent is.

  • Compare the involved fees

A good migration agent working in in the company usually has fixed and proper fee structure. You must be clear with the fees that is going to be involved and migration agent must be demonstrable in all the fees that is included in the process.

  • Check migration agent’s Attitude

Filing an application and getting a decision is not a process of overnight. It may involve days and months. You may have to go through number of questionnaires to your migration agent which equals a considerable amount of time. You need to feel free to share your thoughts and ask all relevant questions to receive the genuine suggestions. Hence,

  • Assess response time of Migration agent

The initial consultation with the migration agent usually does not ensure you already are their customer. But at times the trend of dealing with customer changes once they buy a product from someone. So, check back for yourself if the migration agent get back to you in timely and efficient way.

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