Study IT in Australia !

IT in Australia

Why study IT In Australia?

Study IT in Australia has always been one of the major attraction among many international students. There is no doubt that information technology plays a vital role in our lives. Commerce, industry, government, education, entertainment, communication and many other fields are directly associated with information technology. An ever growing industry, IT plays integral role in most of the industry. The field has progressed exponentially, and it shows no signs of slowing down soon. The course has wide number of specializations available making the scope of IT professional wider.

Benefits of studding IT in Australia?

Information Technology is the study or use of systems (especially computers and telecommunication) for storing, retrieving and sending information. It is the use of computers, storage, networking and other physical devices, infrastructure and processes to create, process, store, secure and exchange all forms of electronic data. The vast field of information technology at current has become one of the most interested course among international students who choose to study IT in Australia. Australia is the third most popular destinations for international students and known for diverse ethnic background, high quality of living and excellent education system.

Some of the top benefits for students to choose studying IT in Australia is summed up here:

  • World class learning experience and scholarship options.
  • Australia has 5 of the top universities in the Top 50 band of 2017 QS World Universities Rankings offering Computer Science and Information Systems.
  • Wide availability of specialisation and research opportunities.
  • Globally recognised degrees and certifications make it easy for graduate to find employment worldwide.
  • Graduates fulfil the criteria of Australian Qualifications Framework after studying their degree from Australian education system.
  • Permanent Residency (PR) pathway course making student more wider opportunities opened for their brighter future.
  • Course accredited by ACS (Australian Computer Society).
  • Opportunity for working 40 hours per fortnight during their semester is in progress and unlimited hours during breaks.
  • Can go for Professional Year Program in IT after their graduation to groom their IT skills for more practical approach.

Specialisations available for IT in Australia

  • Data Analytics
  • Networking
  • Software Development
  • Service Management
  • Cyber Security
  • IT Strategy and Management
  • Virtual Reality
  • Game Development

Pathway Career

Students once after completion of IT in Australia has wide opportunities knocking their door. They can choose one of the many professions mentioned below:

  • Software engineer
  • Application Developer
  • System Analyst
  • Computer Programmer
  • System Designer
  • Engineering and Business Analyst
  • Technical and user support
  • Game designer
  • Database Administrator
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Business Programmer
  • Web Computing
  • Network Engineer

Studying IT in Australia not only adds a degree to your qualification, but also carves you job oriented and expert in the field of study you choose. It opens a door of thousand opportunities for your brighter future and makes a path easier if you intend to work or settle down in Australia as it is a PR pathway course.

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