Study in Australia

Procedure involved for student visa application for Study in Australia

Procedure involved for student visa application for Study in Australia

The number of students interested in studying in Australia is increasing day by day. The main problem usually student faces after their decision to study in Australia is choosing the right agent/ top agent for their application and confusion in the procedure involved.

The detailed procedure any applicant should go through after their decision of studying in Australia is discussed here:

  • Prepare for IELTS and score minimum requirements

English proficiency demonstration is one of the most primary requirement any applicant should accomplish before starting the application process for studying in Australia. The applicant should successfully complete their IELTS minimum requirement as per specified in the course. Usually most of courses demands minimum overall of 6.5 with each band 6 for higher education. For VET application, applicant can have minimum of 5.5 and each band not less than 5.0.  Some courses have higher requirements as well.

  • Choose right course and institution

This is one of the phase where much of the students get into dilemma. Choosing right course and institution has a direct impact in the career of an individual. Applicant should consult the qualified educational counsellor for choosing right course. Further they should also discuss about the best university which would suit them financially and academically with the counsellor as well.

  • Apply for the selected course and receive an offer letter

Once an applicant decides the course and institution to go on with, the application is forwarded to the university/college. The application requires the academic documents of an application, filled application form from the respective college/university and CV of an applicant (not required for all). Each of the documents needs to be attested from the agent and scanned copies are sent to the education provider. It usually takes a maximum of 4 weeks to receive an offer letter.

  • Prepare sufficient documentation required for GTE assessment

After the offer letter is issued by the university/college, applicant must satisfy the GTE requirement. The genuine temporary entrant requirement states that the applicant should demonstrate themselves financially capable enough to commence the course and their genuineness in studying. Applicant needs to submit various documents as demonstrating financial capability to satisfy this step.

  • Pay your initial tuition, and receive COE

Once applicants GTE is passed, the university/college provides a detailed information on the initial tuition fee to be cleared. COE, confirmation of enrolment is only issued once the education provider receives the payment from an applicant.

  • Perform medical test and buy OSHC

Every applicant should buy overseas student health cover for their entire stay in Australia in student visa as a visa requirement. OSHC can be bought from any provider like NIB, MEDIBANK, BUPA, Allianz, etc. Further as a visa requirement, applicant must go through the medical test which they should clear. For the medical test, applicant must create a HAP ID and take an appointment at certified health centre/hospital from DIBP for the health test. Medical test can be done once student has lodged a student visa application as well but the OSHC has to be bought before application is lodged.

  • Apply for your visa

After the applicant has obtained their COE, bought the OSHC and have their medical test done, they can now lodge their visa. The medical can be performed after the visa application as well. The student visa application is lodged through the online portal of DIBP. You must consult your agent for lodging the visa. After the visa is lodged, it usually takes maximum of two months for the decision to be made. Any further documents required in between, DIBP emails to the correspondence email of agent for submission which an applicant has to supply as early as possible.

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