Top reasons for study in Melbourne

Melbourne, the city that has it all !

Melbourne is a charming city, with activities for everyone, no matter where you come from, you will always find perfect plans for you.

If you like sports, this is paradise! Rugby, footy, soccer, tennis, cricket and golf are the most popular sports here! Every Sunday you will see championships or trainings in public parks and there will always be an opportunity to participate with your team in championships that take place throughout the city for people like you. In bars and restaurants, you can see how the fans dedicating their time to support the national teams in different competitions. Australia has followers for all sports and thanks to that all of us can choose the one we like the most and be part of the sports culture that cheers hearts.

Melbourne is a home to world-class tournaments such as the Australian Open, the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix of MotoGP and the Australian Grand Prix of Formula 1, not surprisingly it is known as Australia’s sport and culture capital.

If you want a quiet city where you can share different cultures, Melbourne is the best option. In addition, Melbourne has been chosen as the best city in the world to live by The Economist for seven consecutive years for its excellent quality of life and job prospects. Melbourne is a city where you will find people from around 233 countries who speak more than 180 languages ​​and dialects, with whom you will surely have many things in common!

Besides these all, there’s more Melbourne has to offer! Melbourne has beautiful landscapes, gardens and charming places where you can find a mix of Victorian and contemporary architecture. Walking downtown (CBD) can be one of the preferred place for tourists and citizens because they can find galleries, restaurants and cafes in every corner. Melbourne also has five among six most high buildings of Australia and is the city that has the largest number of restaurants. Besides these, coffee is one of another charming factors of Melbourne, hence any coffee lover would definitely love and enjoy Melbourne to the fullest.

If you have ever thought about studying in Australia and have not yet decided, do not let more time pass. Living this experience is easier than you imagine, contact us and let us advise you for free!