How to use Melbourne Public Transport

If this city is within your possible places to come to study or you have already decided that this is where you are going to fulfill your dreams and you are looking for all the information to not get so out of place, this post is for you.

Public transport Melbourne

Public transport in Melbourne is wonderful; It is composed of trains, trams and buses, here we explain everything about it:

  1. Trams: These are electric trams with a very extensive coverage network that intercommunicate the main streets of the city.
  2. Trains: There are more than 15 train lines that connect the city with the surroundings, starting from Flinders Street Station
  3. Buses: The bus network is very wide with around 3oo routes that cover the city and the surrounding area

Depending on where you are located and where you want to go, you can find the best option through several applications that allow you to plan your route. Here we share several of you so you can begin to understand how transportation works in this city; all you need to have is the address or name of the station where you are and where you want to go:

  1. Travel Planner Public Transport of Vicotria:
  2. Google maps

In the city there is an area where you can take the tram for free and move at any time without spending money, this area is known as the free tram zone, At the stops or stations there are signs that tell you where the free zone begins and ends and where it ends. Most drivers also notify when they enter or leave this place. If you are going to use this service, make sure that the destinations you are traveling to are within this area: Free-Tram-Zone-Map.pdf

If you are a student and you still do not know where to look for places to live, you can follow the map of the free tram zone to find something nearby that will allow you to save on transportation.

How should you pay for your transportation?

To use any of the three means of transport you must have a rechargeable card known as Myki, which you can buy and recharge in stores such as 7 eleven, at some tram stops, at train stations and at the airport.

When you board any of the three means of transport you must put the card in the payment sensors to discount the value of the trip and when you finish using the service (when getting off the bus or tram and when leaving the train station) you will have to put it again.

To recharge your Myki you have two options:

  1. Myki Money: If you do not have to use transport every day, you can recharge from AU $ 10. Each journey costs approximately AU $ 4.30
  2. Myki Pass: If you are going to use public transport every day and you are not inside the free tram zone, you can recharge weekly AU $ 43 or monthly AU $ 150.

Rates may vary according to the places and areas that are trafficked, for more detailed information on rates, you can check: fare-adjustment-for-2018 /

After you buy your Myki, no matter what type of recharges you do, we recommend registering it on the PTV page so you can review your history, know your expenses and if you lose your card, you can pass your balance to a new one. It is a very fast process and that can help you avoid headaches later, we share the link to do the registration:

After you buy your Myki, no matter what type of recharges you do, we recommend you register it on the PTV page so you can recharge it, review your history, know your expenses and if you lose your card, you can report it as lost or stolen and pass your balance to a new one. It is a very fast process that can help you avoid headaches later, we share the link to do the registration:

At first, locating yourself in the city and understanding what type of transportation is best for you can be stressful, however, with a little practice and using the tools we share in this post, you will understand how the Melbourne transport system works and how it works. faster than you think you are already explaining to others how to use it.

Take a chance to live the best experience of your life studying in Australia. Ask us how is the process and at no cost we will advise you so that you realize that coming here is easier than you imagine.

How to move in Melbourne?

If you are about to arrive in Melbourne and want to know how you can get around, we tell you that besides public transport in this city we have other means of transport that you can use according to the plan you have in mind.

In our previous post we explained to you how is public transport in Melbourne and how to use it, and today we will show you other options:

Bicycle in Melbourne

It is very common to move by bicycle, since most streets have a path established for cyclists and no matter what climate the city has, you will always find more people moving in this means of transport.

In Melbourne there is a bicycle rental service, just in case you do not have one! In this link you can find all the information of the more than 40 bicycle collection points throughout the city, which are usually in parks or main streets.

The rates of this service you will find them below:

Day Pass AU $ 3

Weekly Pass AU $ $ 8.00

Annual Membership AU $ $ 60

Walk through Melbourne

If you come to Melbourne, prepare to walk and bring some comfortable shoes because for many of your plans you will need them.

This is a lovely city with wonderful places in each corner to know, so for any destination you can find in Google Maps the walking route and so you can detail each place of your route.

In the streets and parks you will find places to recharge your bottle with water and that the tour can be much more fun.

Go for a walk through the city and explore its libraries, museums, galleries, churches and parks that have perfect stories to complement your stay in Melbourne

Motorcycle to transport in Melbourne

This is an option that students use in the city and surroundings, since they can be transported and additionally used as a means of work for homes, with companies such as Uber Eats, Deliveroo or Foodora.

The most used motorcycles are scooters of less than 120 c.c., perfect for 1 or two people. You can buy from AU $ 3,000 new or AU $ 1,500 used, approximately, or rent from AU $ 25 a day.

Thinking about buying or renting a car …

If you are thinking of renting or buying a car when you arrive, you should evaluate the options according to the distance between your work and your home, since in the city there is not much space to park and if you find it can be expensive according to the area where you are .

In case that is your plan, we recommend renting a parking lot from a nearby building, where you can leave your vehicle while you work or study.

However, in case your plan is to live in the city or surroundings, the car is not a good option, because as we have told you throughout this article the public transport of Melbourne is enviable and perfect so that the new life as a student it is a wonderful adventure for you.

We hope this information can give you a glimpse of the different ways you can find in Melbourne to move from one place to another and that it is one of the things in favor that will help you make the decision to come and study in this beautiful city. where you will live the best experience of your life!